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Rest Easy EVERY Night Thanks to Sierra Sleep by Ashley Mattresses!

Your sleep is vital both for your performance the next day and your long-term health. That’s why Harlem Furniture presents you with the state of the art in mattress technology but at bargain prices thanks to cost-saving Sierra Sleep by Ashley. The mattress division of the world’s biggest furniture maker has perfected coils and foam to give your tired self that soft surface you want plus the uncompromising firmness underneath that your muscles need to take 7-9 hours of downtime to rebuild. What’s more, when you get enough sleep thanks to a Sierra Sleep by Ashley product, your mind takes a mini-vacation in the form of REM sleep, the deepest kind, in which you dream. And dream you will thanks to all the money you’ll save on your sleep solution thanks to us at Harlem Furniture!

Firm Sierra Sleep by Ashley Queen Mattresses

When your spine requires extra firmness so you can really power down for the night and rest, Sierra Sleep by Ashley has a 13.5-inch-thick queen mattress with you in mind. Sink yourself into layers of top-quality support foam perfect for preventing painful pressure points waking you up. If you’re a “hot sleeper” tired of waking up sweaty, copper particles in this Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattress draw that excess heat away from you. Meanwhile, deep down, the last word in 15-gauge pocketed coils and a strong foam core lift you so you can float away from the day’s tension. Two rows of coils stop sagging when you sit on this mattress’s edge. Best of all, there is an exquisite 2-inch top layer of memory-foam goodness shaping itself exactly to your body’s contours.

Plush Sierra Sleep by Ashley King Mattresses

If you need softness in a mattress to get to sleep right away, Sierra Sleep by Ashley has an excellent king mattress that’s a luxurious 14.5 inches thick so you and a partner can sprawl on to your heart’s content. This mattress is firm enough to keep your spine aligned but has just enough “give” that you’ll be deeply satisfied even if you’re a hard-to-please side sleeper. Add to the softness of this hybrid mattress with your choice of mattress topper such as Euro or pillowtop.

Enjoy the smoothest mattress “ride” ever on a new Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattress from our New York, NY furniture stores!